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A website is the most effective way to get all your information in one place, but it's only part one of the journey to a busy schedule.. Part two is about getting the buying public to actually see it.

Content is king

Dynamic Content

Whether it's your latest case study or spouting an opinion, fresh content is king.



Google, Facebook and other campaigns boost posts and point traffic to your content.

Social Media Icons

Social Media

More pulling power by keeping in the public eye with targetted social media activity.


Search Presence

SEO is still the key to getting yourself in front of people who are in your market.

Search Engine Optimisation


Always at the the top of any marketing strategy, search engine optimisation (SEO) is the art of bringing people to your website who are specifically looking for goods and services like yours. Step one is researching the search terms people are using to find your offerings and then creating good quality original information which is highly relevant to those search terms. Achieving that alone will work wonders, but it's just the foundation work, Google considers hundreds of parameters when it looks at your website such as page speed, mobile friendliness, duplicate content, secure certificates, and many more.

We are in danger of writing a full article about SEO here, so we'll just point you to our SEO services and conclude by saying that since 2003 we have seen many changes in SEO ranking factors and techniques, and we are still providing these services for our website customers.


Social Media

Social Media

It's a well known fact now that strategic use of social media is an effective part of your efforts to generate enquiries, and traffic to specific sections of your website.

We manage several social media accounts for customers for a fixed monthly fee or on a pay-as-you-go basis. Of course we can provide guidance for customers to get started with this themselves, but when we are asked to manage it communications between us and the customer is vital in order to field enquires which can often be of a technical nature.

Customer Reviews

When people are researching you online they WILL look for and read your reviews. Getting good customer reviews is a thousand times better than putting testimonials on your website, and getting your reviews posted to Google is (usually) better than anywhere else. Offer incentives, get hundreds of them!


Dynamic Content

You can create it yourself or ask us to do it, either way it's an essential part of keeping your website relevant, and - daft as it seems - making it look like you're actually doing something!

It can be anything from a case study of your latest project to a match report to a full article about your opinion on something that's happened in your industry. Either way, fresh website activity is good for your visitors, good for Google, and with Flyte we have the perfect simple tool to create it and manage it.

Facebook & Google Advertising

Using calls to action in well worded advertisements can generate instant enquiries and website traffic. Facebook is easy, Google is difficult and often expensive, but get this right and say hello to new business enquiries

Creating and boosting a Facebook post is quick and simple, and the targetting tools are easy to navigate. Controlling the budget is also a breeze, so planning post boosting campaign can be a very effective way of reaching customers and generating enquiries.

Google pay-per-click campaigns are a different matter. The interface is a big clunky thing which uses unfamiliar terminology. Clicks can be expensive, so much time is spent identifying negative keywords and using other techniques to make sure your ad isn't receiving useless clicks. Having said that, once tuned, it's the single most effective way of advertising online.

You Tube Graphic

YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world!

With more than 3 billion searches a month, YouTube is way bigger than Bing and Yahoo added together!

Nothing is more engaging than a video, and with over a billion users you effectively have access to the biggest video advertising platform in the world - for FREE! Don't forget it's owned by Google, and YouTube videos regularly feature at the top of search results. Not using YouTube as a key part of your strategy would be missing out on a gigantic number of potential customers.


Some of our witterings, advice, and our take on the latest web design trends. And this is an example of Flyte, our dynamic content system. It comes as standard on our CMS and custom websites.

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