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People are bombarded with messages these days, tweets, social media alerts, texts, and of course, email. And email often gets a bad rap because of the ridiculous amount of spam and dodgy scams floating around. But buildiong successful email campaigns is as effective now as it ever was, it just needs a little planning, and a lot of respect (for the recipient).

Our Service

You can of course create and send your own email campaigns using online providers like Mail Chimp and Campaign Monitor, but some people aren't confident with these systems and aren't sure about how to create the graphics or format the mailing lists and so on, and some just don't have the time and don't want the hassle. So we do it all.

Create And Grow Your List of Recipients

An email list is a really important part of any marketing strategy. You can start with your existing customers as long as you have their permission, then add a subscription box to your website, and maybe run a Facebook or Google ad to bring in visitors to it.

Timing is Essential

If you're a city centre bar you might send your offers out at 3pm on Friday, or if you're running an event you might want to send several pre-event emails at intervals to build anticipation, and so on. Depending on the campaign, timing can have a huge impact on its effectiveness.

Measure Success

You will be able to see which links were clicked, and who clicked them. Who unsubscribed, and of course who read it and who didn't, although that particular metric can be somewhat unreliable. Full analysis tools are available, and for products you can include a discount code in the link and get instant direct feedback on effectiveness from sales.

Avoiding Spam Filters

We'll never send anything even slightly spammy, but even legitimate marketing messages and newsletters can fall foul of spam filters, and if recipients start marking your email as spam there'll be all kinds of blacklisting and blocking on the horizon. We can help here with making sure the content doesn't raise any flags.

Properly formatted and engaging email content sent to opted-in recipients is an incredibly effective and important marketing tool that musn't be ignored

email marketing


There are no subscriptions here, no signing up to any on-going plans, you pay per campaign, and the costs go way down once the template is established.

Template Design

Creating the repsonsive template, adding all the content and branding. Includes platform testing and revisions.

from £50

Mailing List Formatting

You may not need this if you already have a spreadsheet of recipients (XML or CSV or XLSX). If not we create it from your database.

from £40


We charge a penny per email. So for 1,000 recipients it would be £10. There are price breaks over 10,000 recipients.

Pricing Estimate for 1,000 Recipients

First mailshot: Template design and content formatting: £120, Mailing list handling: £35, Postage: £10. TOTAL: £165

Subsequent mailshots: Content formatting: £55, Mailing list handling: £25, Postage: £10. TOTAL: £90


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