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Flyte is the Quick Simple Content System by Webbl

It's been called "our CMS" for the last 13 years and it's been evolving with new technologies all that time, but now we've done another major release - V5 - so we decided to give it a name.  Flyte!

  by Paul

Flyte is the Quick Simple Content System by Webbl

Flyte is a fitting name because it's light on it's feet, fast and simple, but now it's faster and easier to use than ever.

We use it ourselves (you're looking at it right now) and if there's one thing we hate it's sitting around waiting for screens to load.  And it's the result of 13 years of us saying to ourselves "wouldn't it be great if I could just..".  So it's been built and evolved (and occassionally completely re-structured) with speed and simplicity in mind, that was our own original brief, and it quickly became the law!

Before I rant on about how marvellous it is, I'm aware that some website owners aren't the slightest bit interested in CMS, and would rather we did it all, and that's cool because we like doing it, but for the DIY enthusiast, this is for you.

Includes Image and Video Galleries

Without any plug-ins!  Flyte includes the gallery system which allows you to create video galleries as well as image galleries with as many items as you like, so you can start out with a simple 3 or 4 page website and through Flyte it can end up with hundreds of pages of engaging categorised content with lots of images and videos!  There are a couple of examples on our site.. Check out a sample image gallery here, and a video gallery here.

Speed and Simplicity

Difficult to describe really so here's a video, less than 2 minutes (and no adverts) showing how to create an article with flyte.  I've just pasted some text in and of course in reality you'll spend longer than that writing, but you get the idea.  You can create a video gallery and add a video to it in around 10 seconds.  You can add dozens of images to a gallery in seconds by dragging them in to an upload box.  Don't like the order your images are being displayed in? Just drag them around until you're happy, nothing more to do or click, it's done instantly.


Sports clubs use it to write match reports with videos.  Builders use it to showcase before and after work with inserted image galleries.  Kitchen and Bathroom designers use it to detail case studies.  Manufacturers or distributors can use it to detail product reports or announce product releases together with an email campaign.  Bloggers who want to get the hell away from Wordpress can use it because it is so quick and socially optimised.  AND we use it for stuff like this!

Originally designed as a news and blogging system, it now incorporates much more, you can..

  • Write news and blogs and articles and witter away for as long as you like.
  • Create image and video galleries.
  • Insert unlimited images in to the text and format them.
  • Insert unlimited videos in to the text anywhere you like.
  • Insert an entire image gallery, with all it's click to enarge functionality, in to a post.
  • Same applies to video galleries.
  • Create several categories such as case studies, news, match reports and so on.

So, Flyte comes of age at version 5.0 with Bootstrap 4, PHP 7, and Font Awesome 5 to make it look even better and faster than before!

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